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Pinnacle Studio is a fast, full-featured, near-professional-level video-editing application with support for degree VR, 3D, and multicam edits. Pinnacle Studio is a video editing program originally developed by Pinnacle Systems as the consumer-level counterpart to Pinnacle's former professional-level. Pinnacle Studio Video Editing software is used by over 13 Million people. Enjoy a faster way to capture, edit and share your video.

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Pinnacle Studio Driver

The tool does offer Mosaic and Blur options, Pinnacle Studio you'll often want to do Pinnacle Studio a video for things like obscuring faces, license plates, branded items, or naughty bits. You can either do some basic editing while maintaining the degree aspect or convert the to standard 2D view.

I tested footage from Pinnacle Studio latter. Confusingly, you have to add the clip to the timeline first and then right-click on it and choose Add as or to-Standard. When editing degree content, you see two windows with two tabs, a degree source and a preview window with the 2D end result.

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You can pan around the scene either in the source window with a crosshairs control or just click and drag the mouse pointer around in the preview window to change the viewing angle. Pinnacle Studio program did a good job of straightening out my 4K degree test content in double fisheye format.

If you want the content to remain in degrees, you're limited to basic trimming, fade transitions, and titles. After adding titles, you also have to choose Add asPinnacle Studio you want that mode retained.

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I had trouble moving a title, which landed in the center of the video and didn't display in Preview Pinnacle Studio. Stabilization isn't an option for video, though it's still available from the menus; trying to use it resulted in a program crash in my testing, however. New for version Pinnacle Studio is the ability to create the "tiny planet" and "rabbit hole" effects with your degree content.

Pinnacle Studio

These are fun effects, and you can even animate things like the zoom, rotation, and even transition from Pinnacle Studio planet to rabbit hole or vice versa. Multicam Editing Like its stablemate Corel VideoStudioPinnacle Studio lets you simultaneously edit multiple clips Pinnacle Studio the Pinnacle Studio event shot at different angles. The base version allows two camera angles, Plus makes it four, and Ultimate gives you six. The tool did a good job of aligning my clips using their audio Pinnacle Studio, but you can also align using time codes and markers.

As with all these tools, you switch among angles by tapping a clips box in a grid. There are even boxes for switching to clear and to black, which is great if you want to add B-roll later. When you hit OK, a new clip shows up in your project, not in the timeline.

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I like that you can right-click and choose Edit Movie Pinnacle Studio fine-tune angle shifts in a timeline or even reopen it in the multicam switcher window. Some multicam tools, such as that in VideoStudio, simply create a new clip that's not adjustable after the fact. New for Pinnacle's multicam capabilities is the separate Multicam Capture tool, discussed above in the Import and Interface section above.

Stop Motion Stop Motion is one of the most appealing types of animation, in my book. Pinnacle Studio Pinnacle tool lets you control a connected camera to take shots automatically at time intervals you specify, and it can even show ghost images of your last shot so you know how to position the next one. You can then send the captures to the timeline and adjust duration and apply any other editing.

Pinnacle Studio can't, however, create animated GIFs. The tool now includes DSLR support, and circular guides that tell you how far to move an object to have it cross the screen in a specified time period between 0. Advanced Effects Pinnacle claims to offer more than 2, effects.

That's more than anyone really needs, and many are duplicates with transitions or, worse, Pinnacle Studio goofy overlays. Pinnacle would do better to trim out the fat and combine the duplicates to make effects Pinnacle Studio to find and use.

With version 22, Pinnacle Pinnacle Studio a raft of new color tools. The Standard and Plus editions add some basic color adjustments, but Ultimate offers pro-level color grading. Choose the top-left panel's Editor button, choose Color, and you see four numbered options: Basic offers White Balance, Tone which includes exposure, contrast, and other lighting optionsPinnacle Studio Basic Settings vibrance, saturation, clarity, and haze correction.

Getting Started with Pinnacle Studio

You can even apply the very pro-level LUTs lookup tables for color mapping, but Pinnacle doesn't include any by default. You'll have to find them; you can get them from high-end video camera companies if you shoot with those. I Pinnacle Studio able to test this with a LUT in. CUBE file type, and it correctly applied a horror movie look to the clip. The Tone Curve tool, like Photoshop's, lets you change Pinnacle Studio for effects, correction, or contrast adjustments.

HSL hue, saturation, lighting lets you change the color intensity and brightness separately for eight colors of the spectrum. One issue I Pinnacle Studio in testing this Pinnacle Studio was that I couldn't see the effect until moving the play head. That's not a big deal, but it isn't ideal. Pinnacle Studio Color interface also can display a video scope in four modes: Professional editors are familiar with these views of color information, though they're of less use to amateurs.

Drivers: Pinnacle Studio

The Color Wheels view lets you adjust saturation and hue separately for each of three tonal ranges:

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