E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player Treiber

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E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player Driver

Free E-Boda drivers downloads from DownloadAtoZ Driver Section. E-Boda Drivers - E-Boda DVX GO DVD Player Firmware · E-Boda DVX. DVD Media and Blu-ray Disc media list. Exact search Read here how to get the Media code. DVD Player Media Comments: E-Boda DV, E-Boda DVX, E-Boda DVXUSB, E-DEM D, E-Dem MP, E-motion MPE, e:max AS , e:max 30 20 20 00 05 88 80 00 00 00 02 00 06 09 0b 14 0. .

E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player Vista

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E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player Driver

Sony Hi-Fii DVD CD Player Esprit DVP-S Impecabil arhiva

Just drop the disc in and say hello to the wonders of DVD. If you can afford this, this is the best your money can buy in my opinion -- so take that for what it's worth.

New Drivers: E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player

It won't be long before this player becomes the standard by which all other players are judged. Jog and Shuttle dial on remote lets you find, play, replay and study DVD scenes.

E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player Windows 7 64-BIT

No more searching through menus. Screen saver protects your television screen phosphors.

E-Boda Drivers

Bit-Rate Display shows the video data rate. Parental control locks out adult-rated discs and adult-rated versions of multi-version discs. Last language memory means you won't need to select soundtrack and subtitle language each time you play a disc. When I first got this player to review, I felt like it was Christmas time.

E-Boda Firmware Drivers for

E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player I kept hearing how great this player was going to be; from friends, from business associates and of course from the people at Sony themselves. I played with every Sony player since the beginning of DVD, and had nothing short of nirvana each time I used one.

When the was finally at my door, I couldn't believe it. When I opened it up and hooked it up to the TV, I still couldn't believe it. E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player mean, c'mon -- the front of the player slides down when you open it up. It's something out of the future.

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All black, sharp and it's heavy, man -- 15 pounds at least. First, let's get all of the "improvements" made so that this player could surpass the in excellence, out of the way.

It's got an improved E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player laser pick up along with a new DSP Servo to quicken up the menu access time. It's one of the fastest players I've ever looked at -- and quiet, let me tell you. This tank is also equipped with a Smooth Scan feature.

E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player This gives you a super clean picture while you fast forward or reverse your way to a favorite scene, I was blown out of my sofa when I played E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player this. It stops on a dime and you can make everything out while you scan. It's a huge improvement, not only over the other Sony players, but over all players I've seen so far. For the audiophile, it's also DTS ready, which is a major improvement over the Let's look at the player, shall we?

First off, the front is very clean.

Fujifilm DVD-R FUJIFILM 8x DVD Media - VideoHelp

It should be, all of the buttons are under the sliding aluminum face plate. You can keep E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player down, or put it up -- it'll play either way. It'll automatically close, unless you pull it down using a button located on the front of the player. One of the neat things is -- on the front of the player, there are three small lights for Play, Pause and Stop.

RiData DVD-R RITEKG 4x DVD Media - VideoHelp

These are actually buttons, that if you run your finger over, will do what they are labeled. Maybe it doesn't take much to excite me, but I think that's tr???

New Driver: E-Boda DV555X GO-002 DVD Player

The faceplate's LED display can be dimmed down, or turned off. There's also headphone jack with it's own volume control. I've always liked when players offered this, because so many time, I've had people around that hated to hear movies at 3 o'clock in the morning.

When you're up that late reviewing titles, it really helps to have this and a great pair of headphones. The back of the player is nice and clean and has a gold colored finish, maybe just to remind you that you dropped a pretty penny to have this thing in your home.

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