Driver for Exabyte EXB-218 Library

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Exabyte EXB-218 Library Driver

An AlphaStor Library is any jukebox that is controlled by EMC AlphaStor. 8) EXBi 9) EXB 10) EXB 11) EXB 12) EXB 13) EXB . Not all jukeboxes support this capa- bility, but many do (for example, the Exabyte ). 8mm Cleaning Cartridge (or an Exabyte-approved cleaning cartridge). EXB 8mm Library Product Specification, Page I have installed Robotic Library support, but cannot add my Dell Tape Drive to EXB_10x EXABYTE EXBe EXB_ EXABYTE EXB

Exabyte EXB-218 Library Driver

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Exabyte EXB-218 Library Driver

At the same time, the investment these environments have made in 4mm technology can be protected.

Hewlett-Packard entered the information-storage business 24 years ago when it began manufacturing and selling magnetic-disk drives. HP solutions include disk drives and disk arrays, magneto-optical drives and jukeboxes, digital-audio-tape drives and libraries, and quarter-inch-cartridge tape drives. Products are sold through a variety of distribution channels, under Exabyte EXB-218 Library SureStore brand name as well as to OEM customers.

Exabyte EXB-120 Library Firmware 3.7.57

Headquartered in Boulder, Exabyte Corp. Exabyte is the world's largest independent manufacturer focused solely on tape storage products, which it ships to original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers and distributors.

To see it and other Exabyte products, visit us in booth No. Starting with NetWorker 7. If jbconfig reports that it cannot find any autochangers after installation, run Exabyte EXB-218 Library to make sure it is able to see the devices.

Please refer Exabyte EXB-218 Library the inquire 8 man page for more information. This means the autochanger will not work correctly. After the jukebox is configured, use the nsrcap 8 command or the Reg- istration window to enter the enabler code for your Autochanger Soft- ware Module. You must have a separate enabler code for each jukebox you want to use with NetWorker.

Exabyte EXB-218 Library To define a jukebox resident on a storage node, the jbconfig command must be run on the storage node. This argument is accepted on all systems, but does not have any effect on HP-UX systems.

Exabyte EXB-218 Library Treiber Windows XP

Due to the method used to scan for available devices on HP-UX sys- tems, all accessible devices Exabyte EXB-218 Library always shown, and the -l option has no additional effect. This can take a very long time and should therefore only be used when necessary.

Supported Devices

Checking all LUNs on this single adapter may take over 10 minutes. This will affect the control ports used for autodetected SCSI Jukeboxes and device file names for tape drives that jbconfig Exabyte EXB-218 Library able to automatically detect and config- ure for you.

  • Device Support - BarracudaWare / Yosemite Technologies
  • EXABYTE index of parts for sale. Page 1.
  • NetWorker command: jbconfig
  • Exabyte and Hewlett-Packard to offer high-end 4mm storage automation product.

If a given device does not have a persistent device name then jbconfig will use the normal device name for that device. Currently only linux persistent device names are automatically found and used by NetWorker. Specifying this flag on other platforms will have no effect. What kind of Jukebox are you configuring? The default selection is 1. It is configured in NetWorker Exabyte EXB-218 Library a logical jukebox, with the actual jukebox operations carried out by AlphaStor.

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This is a list of well known SCSI based jukeboxes, plus any additional third party jukebox devices that adhere to this protocol that the you may have added to the system. If you select the second choice Install an Autodetected SCSI Jukeboxjbconfig will print out a list of jukeboxes it detects on the system. DLI Libra Series 3 scsidev 1. When this Exabyte EXB-218 Library appears, enter the number corresponding to the jukebox that you wish to configure.

Note that if jbconfig was able to detect only one SCSI jukebox on the system, it will go ahead and select that jukebox as the one to be configured with- out waiting for the user to make the Exabyte EXB-218 Library.

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This also applies to situations where there are multiple SCSI jukeboxes on the Exabyte EXB-218 Library and all but one are already configured in NetWorker. Even in this case jbconfig goes ahead and automatically selects the one that has not yet been configured without waiting for the user to make a selection. If you choose to install an SJI compliant jukebox, jbconfig will print a list of known SJI Jukeboxes and will prompt you for the appropriate type Exabyte EXB-218 Library you want to configure.

Enter the number corresponding to the type of jukebox you are installing: When this message appears, enter the number corresponding to the appropriate model, for example, if you are installing an HP optical jukebox select the number "22".

Exabyte EXB-218 Library Driver Download

For all jukebox types, jbconfig prompts you for the name you want to call this jukebox. This is a convenient way for you to identify the jukebox Exabyte EXB-218 Library yourself and NetWorker, for example, 'Engineering Autochanger'.

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